Love Is War (English Translation) Lyrics

Hatsune Miku

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Lyrics to Love Is War (English Translation)
Love Is War (English Translation) Video:
There's nowhere for it to go anymore, the heat of this love

The grey clouds, the monochrome clamor
The sunlight casts a shadow, the twilight changes color

The world blurs; even so, will I still love you?
I know this -- but what should I do?
How can I, what should I...
What an idiot... I am

Let's go, this is war
Just seeing you so happy...!
Ardent love is a sin
I'll show you my feelings

The megaphone I shouted into has broken
However much I stretch, I'm not in your field of vision

Ah, the sky cleared before I knew it and it doesn't suit me
I can't hold my feelings back
How can I, what should I...

Because I'm not going to cry

I love you

I'm fighting, shooting for the heart
I didn't choose this way
I'll show you how my skirt flutters
And steal your gaze away

Prepare for a counterattack
I'm fighting a losing battle
Love is blindness
Your kiss opens my eyes
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