Love is just a game Lyrics

Eric Andersen

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Lyrics to Love is just a game
Love is just a game Video:
Love is just a game
A game that I have played
To make believe there's something more in store
But somewhere in the end, I see that I've failed again
I can't see the shoreline from the shore
(I just can't make it)
I'll find a way back to the door.

Is there any doubt or wonder
Nothing really lasts forever
That you need a brand new lover now
Who will hold you like no other one...
Like all those times I felt like crying
Now I almost feel like laughing
'Cause ain't it sweet
Like a brand-new leaf
Ain't it sweet... It only took a little understanding...

It's hard to be alone sometimes
I'm scared to even phone a friend
'Cause everyone's heard the same old shit before.
I've tried to show the world I'm strong
But really I know all along
I can't see the sunshine anymore.
I'll find a way back to the door.

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