Lyrics to Love Is Beautiful
Love Is Beautiful Video:
Know, I´m telling me this my girl:
Yeah, for the ladies in the world
Mark Medlock is here
to sing and make you happy
all the ladies left and the ladies right
come on, we party through the night

Oh, I`ll be waiting by the lonesome river
and I`ll be dancing till you come to me
I `ll be here waiting for you, love
waiting only for you
uuhh.. ohhh.. mmh
Oh, everybody wants to go to heaven
everybody needs someone to love
Will you bring me the sun again?
You stopped the falling rain

Oh, Oh, Oh,.oh. No,
Love is beautiful
Oh, Oh, Oh,
I know, I know
Oh, Oh, oh,.oh, No
Love is beautiful
Oh, Oh, Oh
Don`t go, don`t go

Oh, I`ve been watching you at least forever
I was wondering why you`re loving me
It`s some kind of a miracle
having a rendez-vous
uh, uh ...
Oh, I will follow you
on now or never
I `ll be satisfied, if you need me
Like a moment of memories
you are my destiny
uh hu
oh oh

Oh ,Oh., Oh oh. No,
Love is beautiful
Oh, oh, oh, oh no
I know, I know
Oh. Oh, Oh, oh no
Love is beautiful
Oh, oh , oh
Don`t go, don`t go

Come on Baby

I never, I never let you go

Oh, Oh, Oh,
Love is beautiful
Oh, Oh, Oh,
I know, I know
don`t let .. go
Oh, Oh, Oh, no
Love is beautiful
I love you yeah
Don`t go, don`t go
Oh, Oh, oh, oh no
love is beautiful
Oh, Oh, Oh
my Baby
I know, that I need you
night and day
Oh, oh, Oh
I love...touch you , baby
... it`s beautiful
oh, oh, oh
don`t go, don`t go
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