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Lyrics to Love In The Attic
Love In The Attic Video:
Time will tell I'm not well
Take me to the attic
Lock me up show me hell
Just let me have it
You are the sweetest thing
You're always taking care of me
It took the softest hands
To put me back together again

She loves to dance in the rain
It's the sound of it that makes her wet
She melts when I say her name
Pin her to the wall and say

Use me baby
Abuse me maybe tie me to the bed post
And leave for a few days
Tell me you love me
As you torture and taunt me
Make me hurt so bad
That it has to feel good when you stop

Show me all don't you hide
Tell me all your secrets
It's ok don't be shy
We're all a little twisted
You are the cutest thing
You're always looking out for me
It took the greenest eyes
To make me see the beauty again

And if you really love me
You would do all this to show me
This might be the only way
That I can feel again

You are the sweetest thing I have ever known
Whisper me your secrets I won't tell, they'll never know
You are the cutest thing I have ever seen
Tell me all your dreams
Can't tell what you mean to me
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