Love in the Afternoon Lyrics

Jerry Garcia Band

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Lyrics to Love in the Afternoon
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Love, love in the afternoon
Outside the window an organ grinder's tune

Rhythm, wine; touch of Jamaica, twilight time with a Kingston lady
All the time in the world for me and that girl

Sweet, she sang sweetly; come back soon
Come back for more of that love in the afternoon

Breezes blow by me in the afternoon
She sings sweetly an organ grinder's tune

Finally recovered from last year's round of bye bye baby blues
All I crave today some love in the afternoon

Love, love in the afternoon
It's easy as she goes, like an organ grinder's tune

Gone with the moon any old trouble it can't leave too soon
Trouble's no part of what I want 'specially in the afternoon

Singin', sleepin' till two
Wakin' to make more love in the afternoon
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