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J Minus

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Lyrics to Love I Sought After
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I remember the night I met you
you sat down next to me
I had to hold myself back
from falling at your feet
as you began to talk to me
my words stumble, unable to speak
so I fell silent, hoping you wouldn't leave
infatuated as I listened to the story of your life
finding ourselves worlds apart
but only in time
in a matter of minutes my life changed
never to be the same
as it once was so simple and plain

could you fall in love with me?
or have I lost myself in dreams?
will you stay close enough to touch
yet so far away?
if I stare in silence, I can't find the words to say
I'm just scared that you might turn and walk away

from me
and everything that we could be
I could be blind, but through these eyes
so beautiful it hurts sometimes
the thought of my life without you
I thought if I told you how I feel
taking chances with the truth
you might see the real me

I wish you'd tell me everything
told you I could take the pain away
but now I'm not so sure I'm not so brave
but you can always count on me
to be there if you need
someone to talk to, see underneath
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