Lyrics to Love Helps Those
Love Helps Those Video:
Grandma she don't really get around good anymore
In fact to get her out the house is really quite a chore
But every day somebody seems to find a time to stop
To see if grandma needs something from where they go to shop
'Cause you see
CHORUS: Love helps those who cannot help themselves
It cares about those hearts that's been put up on a shelf
It will introduce a lonely soul to a lonely someone else
Love helps those who cannot help themselves
Mr.Johnson has a small farm down in southern Tennessee
But one year he took ill before the time to plant to seed
And no one knows which neighbour planted or they just won't tell
But he had his best crop ever by the time that he got well
'Cause you see
A little helpless baby child was born into this world
She didn't have a daddy and her mother was just a girl
But there came a young man willing to give both of them a home
The girl he married the child he cherished though she was his own
'Cause you see
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