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Lyrics to Love/hate Satellite
Love/hate Satellite Video:
Explosion of dynamite emotional suicideWe'll bring you as close as we canUniversal misery assassination artilleryThe camera's are making a scanDevil in a beauty box moral bitches sucking cocksErections are made up for youEverlasting media to paramountal violenceCompetition the financial newsRemote control is eating my soulMultiple choice bites you overallIt's a love hate satelliteSystematic deviation good belief or false creationThe presets are shifted by rulesAntiquated extradited sexually brutalisedThe victims are treated like toolsRemote control is eating my soulMultiple choice bites you overallSo what if you live for the screenAnd you die by the screenThe information highways are overfilledThe frequencies were scanning onAre drowning in the overcastPlease enjoy while it lastsAnd I can't get enoughIt's a love hate satelliteLove hate satelliteSo now you're aiming for lustJack off in thed ustWhile the neighbours have ears on the wallWe socialize the human raceWhile sitting in a rusty coachPlease enjoy while it lastsSo now you blow up the sunThe show must go onBlowing up the bridges that we have builtThe aggression we're promoting hereIs giving you a moral blastPlease enjoy while it lasts

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