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The Ride

Lyrics to Love Finds You
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When the road gets the best of me
My mind recalls a picture
Of a place that I call home

You are there in my memory
A scene that's so familiar
That it chills me to the bone

But I'll stay out here where I belong
For the call is telling me to carry on
And while I'm away I can dream
And suddenly You're there

Love finds you, love brings you to me
And once again we walk together
Love finds you, love brings you to me
And binds the hands of time forever
We may be worlds apart
But you are never too far
From where I need you to be
Love finds you, love brings you to me

It was not what we planned to be
We all would change the ending
If the choice was ours to make

For you left us so suddenly
But it's only the beginning
For eternity awaits

And I'll never forget you my friend
For the brotherhood between us has no end
But while you're away I can dream
And suddenly you're there


Through the fire of the journey
Through the good and through the bad
You are not alone
And through each and every turn of life
Through the seasons of your path
I want you to know where ever you go

Songwriters: HARRIS, MARK R. / KOCH, DONALD A.
Publisher: Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group
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