Lyrics to Love Bomb
Love Bomb Video:
Love bomb
Get it on
Throw the switch
Set it off
Gonna get your rockets off

Snake tongue
Sticky venom in your wet, wet dream

So hot
But maybe not
Everything it seems -

A heavenly vision:
Is it Venus or Eve?
Well, whoever she is, she's looking good in fatigues

She's dressed to kill
Dressed to tease
She shoots to thrill and aims to please

Love bomb
Get it on
Push the plunger
Set it off
Gonna get your rockets off

of the Song Tra Bong
Watch her strike a pose like Major Kong

She says: This is my rifle
Is, uh, that your gun?
I can show you where to point it if you wanna have some fun

Now don't deny me your essence:
This is war
Just gimme what's precious and I promise you'll score

Now: love's a machine
You gotta use it or rust
Now, hands on the throttle, baby, gimme some thrust

Love bomb
Get it on
Grab your battle axe
Make a stand
Swing it high, swing it hard
Use both hands

Swing, and swing
And swing it around
Keep your finger on my trigger and your knees on the ground

Swing it all night, honey
Swing all day
Don't argue with me private, you won't ever get your way

Swing it at them, honey
Swing it at me
I got you staring down the barrel, do you like what you see?

Swing it at me, honey
Swing it at you
When i start a war, i never lose

Red tide
Watch it swell
World on fire and it's hot as hell

Bodies lying
Bone to bone
Wet, dirty, pant and moan and

Cry for mama - ha!
Grow up, son:
If you can't be a man, then you'd better not come

Didn't you know
That it can never be
As good for you as it was for me

love bomb
get it on
throw the switch
set it off
gonna get your rockets off

love bomb
get it on
you'd give it up
you swear you can
but you'll only let it out of your cold, dead hands
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