Lyrics to Love Anyway
Love Anyway Video:
So you crashed the plane and there's hell to pay I'm making it plain I love you anyway You made a fool out of me today I'm breaking the rule I love you anyway You threw the blame what a role to play ! My story's the same I love you anyway You dealt the blow and you burst the ball I'm letting you know I love you most of all Magic we chase - only to find it comes from a place higher than mind higher than dust but only just it hangs on the cusp I can hear you scream like a branded slave It's only a dream I love you anyway You've got a war to wage chief to obey foe to engage I love you anyway You hunker down feeling small judging the clown I love you most of all I picture you with the eye of my mind a portrait in blue, unravaged by time beauty undimmed and through your pale skin the beauty within So you beat the child sent him away beauty defiled I love you anyway You tricked the King cut him where he lay Unthinkable thing I love you anyway You held the jewel and you let it fall Prince of a fool ! I love you most of all Over the wind, under the hill wing upon wing, Love over will When the Big me meets the Big you the things we will do ! I'll make the time if you name the day trouble or shine I love you anyway I think of you as a child of clay Whatever you do I love you anyway

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