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When I Was A Lion

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Lyrics to Love And Music Making
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So here we are
time and time before
me and you
And now I'm looking for something
That hasnt been done oh its been done
God just save the genre
composing causes drama
The keys will press on
and right now, my only notes with you

When we grow up
we'll be
big celebreties
We'll be

Stars still shine bright
And tonight we'll make history
When you grow up
You'll see this wasnt meant to be
and oh i just cant take this anymore
I'll have you lay there just bear
cameras flashing everywhere
We'll see, we'll be
the star-born mystery

Its alot like love
the way we
talk, moan, touch, shake, yell, scream, kill
a moonlight kiss infront of millions
cameras like guns, kissing on the run
I hope you're up for it
its the leap we'll have to take
it's not something your used to
but lets see the memories we can make

And love
has never been the way to save the genra
but we'll try something new

You got blood on the window sill,
Fire, (at will)
Love, (playing notes)
i hope you know
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