Lyrics to Love, In The Dark
Love, In The Dark Video:
You scream my name and wrap your hands around my throat. Let me go, I'm falling. Black skies, and prom queens are stealing hearts tonight.

She bit her lip, and closed her eyes. She pulled me in to hear the words she wanted me to say. Another night we live in vain, another player in your roulette game.

I know she won... I had no chance from the start, and she means business when shes dressed to kill. I know, you know, we're lying together. We both pretended that we wanted more, but when sunrise comes we'll be lying alone.

I'm laying in her wake, as i calmly keep my eyes closed. She's heading for the door, know soft hearts make you headstrong.

You better run. Get away. Live to deceive another day. Your day will... come on take my hand. There are no pacts between lion and man.
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