Lyrics to Louder
Louder Video:
suddenly i found myself without you
one day, someday, you will be alone too
for now i see you walking down the street with him
and i will smell your breath on every girl's ???
why do you do it to me?
well last time i went shopping i bought your favorite kind of ice cream
it's still sitting in my freezer, it's screaming "you still need her"
why do you kiss so softly?
i love to watch you on stage
you sing about love; you sing about ???
but your song is fading so fast
you didn't write this case to last
why do you do it to me?
i couldn't help but notice the way you kiss her
it's so much like the way that you said you couldn't be any prouder
when you kiss me, kiss a little louder
why do you kiss so softly?
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