Lyrics to Lotto
It's 2019
We goin' in
But you know you can't jump on the track without stretching you pull somethin'
Let's go

Just a lil' stretch for the warm-up
Press 'fore the war come
Dress wid a sword if you rep til' the LORD come
Died this morning and stepped on the core
Jumped fresh out the morgue just to flex with the torch up [??]


And yes I'm a mess I was messed up before
Got saved
Then messed up some more stuff
Destined for hell, fell
Coulda' been left on the floor but the LORD met death on the forefront
Door shut
Now we go hard ain't no other way
Saved by the ??? and vitamin
Like a one a day
Fight to win
New life begin
Old done away
Stick a knife in the Leviathan
Give the Son His prey


I am blessed in the realest way


I was blessed 'fore the check ever hit the bank


But I ain't sleep on somebody else flow

Real talk

Now I'm feelin' invest in the real estate

Praise God!

Now they prolly say I'm on my Creflo
I bet folks in the comments finna feel a way

So what

It's best that you keep it in your chest stored
Or run up at a show and get pressed into lemonade
Anyway, I said I was finna stay
Smoke free in 2019
What I meant to say
I just want the blessings to hit me and ricochet
Til' the day what I get match what I give away

Click, click
I done hit the Lotto
Hands on the numbers like the face on my Movado
Wait you tellin' me you ain't got no Bizzle in your ??

Point 'em out Corner

All your monetary idols gotta' fall
????? on the weekend like only ones with the Powerball
Gettin' the Mega Millions and acting like a shark
But I'm looking and I see the mental fam like a Tylenol


I'm smoke free too
Hard when I see a hater gums flappin'
An' homie I ain't actin'
An' I ain't talkin' rappin'
I'm talkin' 'bout runninng up when I see you like: "Hey what happen!?"
Calm down
Put down
The past for Christ
And just focus on the beauty of the after life
I ain't never 'bout to gamble so I pass the dice
And keep God Over Money
That's that cash for life
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