Lyrics to Lost Souls
The journey's over; another's just begun
Beneath moonlight, but by the warming sun
I seek to hold you in sunshine or in rain
Beneath the heavens, I'm coming home again

So far we drifted, like ships upon the sea
Horizons fading, we lost to destiny
Storm clouds hover; our vanity like pain
Which held back the winds that bring us home again

Could I see, now, the swallows in their flight
Watch the moon dance on oceans in the night
The trees reach upward to help the birds to fly
[?] the creatures who'll hear them when they cry

We walk the hillside like lost souls in the night
And in the darkness, we're searching for the light
And in the morning, like freshly fallen dew
Much like a moon's breath, I'm coming home to you

This journey's over; another's just begun
Beneath moonlight or by the warming sun
For I remember that if my heart be true
Just like an eagle, I'm coming home to you
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