Lyrics to Lost
Lost Video:
Slowly and weak I wander through the abyss,
The rocks they arise naked, sleek and dark.
The past is calling me embracing me so sweet,
attracting me, I follow, I obey
Death please release me!
Take me far away from here.
Where no sorrow touches you
and love flows through your soul.

Another broken warrior shattered by life.
The faces starring down on me, from the rocks above.
Their empty eyes accuse me of my pain and my guilt,
slowly I drift away there's no hope for love.

It was nice, but drove my mind in to despair.
Now all I see is death surrounding me.
It is cold and winds blow so strong
The clouds are gathering it's time to fall


When you reach your final steps
realising, all was in vain!
All you've said, all that you gave,
was never real and never understood.
As you're walking on to the light,
you now eternal salvation is here
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