Lyrics to Lost It
Lost It Video:
I've lost it again, the shit's hit the fan. I want to move forward but I know I can't. There's something inside me that keeps me from diving, it's a shame you can't be here besides me. As I heal these cuts and scars of something that I could once call ours. Now it's gone and it'll never return, I started this fire so now I'll watch it burn. If only you'd realize what it is you have fucking done; I've caught you in all of your lies, go ahead, fucking run. If only you'd realize, just how real this is, your ignorance makes me sick, there's no such thing as fucking bliss. I've lost it again, I'm going insane. This blood that runs through my veins is fueled by rage. I won't fake the smiles I wont fake the laughs. I've gone too far and now I can't turn back. I've lost it again. I've lost it again. I need to find this fucking key (I've lost it again) to break these chains and set me free (I've lost it again)

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