Lost Highway Voices Lyrics

Kirlian Camera

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Lyrics to Lost Highway Voices
Take me where the wind still blows
In my whispers the storm grows
Time has come, I've that key
No more coming back's agreed
Take me where the angels fire
Shots and words crossing my heart.
Take me like a bitch
Pardon my sweet lips
So my sorrow falls apart.
Take my foolish charme
And crack my icy eyes
Sink your blade into my flesh.

Find words to light the creepy skies
And rain to clean sweet cheering lies
Across the beauty that remains
A spy leads his last tango again
The gate has closed is hostile arms
To the angry heroes of my time
And a conjurer plays a card
The black queen smiles at his command.
Strip me of my hard shell
And pardon my naive blush
The sorrow that remained falls apart.
Subject me to your wish
Don't fear my genle shame
Sink your blade into my flesh.
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