Lyrics to Lost Forever
Lost Forever Video:
There is no reason, no sense
I'm caged in prisons my conciousness built
Always in fearful defense
Always pretending that my will's fulfilled
I have to somehow break out
I have to fight for the freedom to be
What is this life all about?
I have to fight for the right to be free
And so you wonder what have you become?

Might be I am lost forever
Still I'm here to carry on
Even though the road is wayless
I won't doubt, I'm marching on
Might be that I'm lost forever
Walking somewhere far beyond
As long as I roam I don't care
To be lost forevermore

There was a need to be true
I had been hunting for aims that were lies
There is no need to be you
You walk on beaten paths until you die
I went ahead just to see
What I would find there was worth fighting for
I went ahead to be me
And to return to my heart, to my core
Remain in silence, save your words for us
Until the end of time we wander
Roaming to be lost
To be lost
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