Lyrics to Lost Boys
Lost Boys Video:
(Lost boys...)

Other side of da tracks
Scuzz outsiders
Nothin' to lose
Strike of midnighters
Lost boys
True black and blues
No shoes, flat tires
Broke out da pen
Blood on barbed wire
Safe in your home
Gated zone terrorizers
Nowhere ta go
Far as I can get hitchhikers

(Lost boys...)

Fuck a job might have ta rob
I don't know just ta get by, word
On the road for lifers
Bullets in the fire
Check the chain link
Swayze I'm slummin'
Let em know who da fuck we are
Low and dirty lost boys
Comin' out the cuts
Like your favorite scar

Crawlin' on tile, can't stand up
Been a while, kommodo gut
How ta take it
How ta give a fuck
How ta live with pain
How ta get yo cut
How long's this been goin' on
Man sh?t no way ta tell too far gone
Go get those flames from hell bring em here
Don't trip no

I'll handle this
On some scandalous
Inland empire Los Angeles
Anti ego propaganda shit
Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Who's comin' up
Who's losin' ground
2012 I'm shady now,
Running game on every thang in town
It's such a long way down
It's such a long way down

Brown paper baggin' asphalt scrapin' all talk no action, what I'm waitin'
Weak tongue waggin'
Stray dog beggin'
Like don't hurt me
Yeah right, I'm sayin'

Beware you have been warned, the barrel's still warm,
Ease up off that lip or step
How quick a b?tch fit ta get checked mate
One false move'll get ya
Set straight
Yeah, yeah, yeah...

It's such a long way down [x4]

(Ride through the sky of black mist...)
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