Lyrics to Loss Of Signal
Loss Of Signal Video:
I saw something today you'd never see
I was something today you'd never be
(Although you'd disagree)

I wrap around the taxi takes me to your shattered star
I'll suffer out the hour like I did the one before

I said so many things today I wish I didn't mean

I was the breath you tried to suffocate
I was the voice you tried to eliminate
Loss of Signal
Nineteen static
Going down to terminate

I pulled up a number I'd never called

Check altitude and dial; can you say nothing at all?
Some sub-atomic jellybean to cure my naked ills
Decision made; low centigrade
I'll kill my little pills
You left me all alone out here
No one to break my fall


A million miles of driving to ensure you're not around

Give it to me, I can push it underground
Chemical imbalances can't put me to sleep
When you've got me out this deep

Words from no savage tongue
I speak to none
They are the stars
I am the sun
(This cold has just begun)

I operate platonically at best
You sent out all your messages while I was L.O.S.
You've got me where you want me
A sorry state, I'm sure


I was the black box you forgot to investigate
I'd rather fade than try to communicate

Loss of Signal
Nineteen static
Going down to terminate
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