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Matchbox 20

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Lyrics to Loss, Strain And Butterflies
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He got bad, and she got mad, he lowered one more time And she got even No one heard a single word and as the clock ticked from next door I could hear her breathing And I said good morning Mrs. Sumner I would like you to meet my friend Mr. Jones He has a house made out of butterflies I can't sleep sometimes but I've been told It's a lonely condition called growing old Let me stumble sometimes (intro to chorus) I'm looking for a soul to cling to Girl what you think about that (chorus) This time, well it all comes down To loss and strain and butterflies Then it comes right down to me Hello have you been alright Did you find a piece of something wrapped around the light side of your life To make you feel better Did you get out with your sanity Did you save a little something for the people in need And did you know with the rain in your pockets You can change the weather (intro to chorus) (chorus) (chorus) Is it just the total for the wages of our sins And have you made yourself a victim In a game that you can't win And our we caving in And does it all depend on loss and strain and butterflies And does it come right down to me anymore This time Does it all come down To loss and strain and butterflies Come on down to me

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