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Lyrics to Lose Your Delusion
Lose Your Delusion Video:
Turn on Mike Moore;
Forget Mary Kostakidis:
Time has come for us to choose
Infotainment over news

Turn off S.B.S,
Forget Mary Kostakidis
Like the rest of us, I guess
She can no longer so impress;
Why continue to keep trying
To separate the real news from the lying?
In the end it all comes down to this -

We all eventually switch
To lying and deception;
We choose the tabloid pitch
Like some inner technical hitch.

The high ideals that you once had
End up in your colostomy bag
Pick Paradise Beach over John Keats
Choose beauty over truth
S.B.S becomes R.S like Mary after youth
Dead air. Loss of all reception.

All of us must fact the day
When our ideals have blown away
Just give in to our dismay
Watch Wilessee not Mary K
Time has been in our youth
We sought accuracy and truth
Scoffed at commercial news
Satirised Hinch and all his views
But oh how does time unnerve us
The Special Broadcasting Service
Doesn't seem worth the hassle
Don't change your life change your channel.
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