Lyrics to Lose This Life
Lose This Life Video:
I got caught in a hurricane
no one but myself to blame
I got lost in the rain
then I got stuck in a spider web
tangled up in all my cares
such a lonely affair

like a raging sea
fear wants to swallow me
I've searched but there's no peace without you

but if I lose this life
I know I'll find it in you
so won't you take my life
'cause I surrender to you
I'm running back to the truth
your word is clear
I've got to believe it

lost, so lost
somewhere in the dead of night
drifting like a satellite
spinning out of control
but love, your love
is stronger than gravity
and it's pulling at the heart of me
and I'm giving in

lose this life, it's the death of me
lose this life, it's gonna set me free
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