Lord Of The Red Land Lyrics


Pure Blood Doom

Lyrics to Lord Of The Red Land
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... The forgotten god walks
invisible and weary;
walks for the last time
over the barren red land.

Deathwish of an immortal,
doomed god of a dead religion.
Bones scattered beneath the cold sand
have no memory...

Inhuman form eternal,
enemy god untamed,
creator of confusion:
adversary feared but envied

Once beyond good and evil,
amoral chaos force...
Fear and respect turn to hate:
defaced, demonized

Pale orphidian terror
red-eye brotherslayer;
left-hand moon devourer,
blood-claw womb-tearer

Defaced effigies...
demonized, then forgotten
Worshippers down one by one
by the blade of time.

At sunrise the last look
at the lost kingdom
usurped lord of the south
now ready to follow those who went before

Dying immortal departing
for the dreamless sleep
of the unworshipped gods
divinity's bitter end
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