Lyrics to Lord Of Fire
Lord Of Fire Video:
You want to break the lines, can't stop what you unwind
Found what no one could find, leaves evil reputation
You call fear your best friend, you know how to pretend
This nightmare has no end, cause you're the Lord of fire

Come on little baby, take the time you need to become complete
Let it burn and have fun with everything what will come
Come little baby, I'm your backseat lover
Take the time you need, to become complete
Take this stick of fire 'til all your hope is gone
Now it gets hot in here, connecting peer to peer
The screams from far to hear and you think you won the battle

Don't let yourself be fooled, cause now you're getting ruled
She had it all scheduled and now she rocks you nasty
She looks deep in your eyes, she blows away your fire
Feel her hands, touching your face
You can't believe that she lost all her grace

Come on boy, I thought you'd be my backseat lover
You told me that all my dreams would come true
Your fire wasn't hot enough to make me happy
Now I will rock you to show you how to win!
This nightmare has no end, cause I'm the lord of fire!
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