Lyrics to Loose Floorboards
Loose Floorboards Video:
I'm losing what I really need
A fucked up friend between the sheets
Flipping around all over the ground, all over the ground, all over the ground

Tokens spent for the day dream, won't get into heaven
Slide it from your skin and crash out on the pavement
Hard turns into hollow, take a seed and swallow
Lets the roots sink in and push onto tomorrow

Every morning I go to sleep
Put an old jumper on and take a seat
With the furniture facing outwards from the middle of the room
And play cassette tapes in the corner

Oh I don't think this appointment can last
Living on cold mix and counterfeit cash
And spreading all my coins across the town's wishing wells
Pools of hell where the head swells

And my good friend arrives through the back
And we clean finger stains from the glass
And spend the whole time fist fighting pushing words through our skulls
Yeah he's begging me that I straighten up
He said,

?Yeah there's kinks in our shadows
Come on, we're better friends, we're like arrows
Maybe we're opposing today but we usually lay straight
Here's a beer, get your gun, lets go out son?

Some fruits are false in the this tree
Its strange to see lost folks so happy hope free
Its so poignant it hits, licks the filth from the truth
And I know I gotta leave

The sea will be be diminished, hardened salt tomorrow
The waves that come today will leave no trace tomorrow

Its cold in the boatyard
I'm a kid in my pond in our backyard
Let the dream slip away, leave your shoes in the rain
And go drink with the bar succombed free hearts.
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