Lyrics to Lookout Low

Falling out on a midnight
On the tail end of a goodbye
I had a feeling it won't right
Had a feeling like I kicked down a door
Many men like to talk rot
Over whiskey and dreams shot
And I can feel your blood go hot
When you hear another talk like he know

Takes too long a time to get to know you
And it takes too short a time to say goodbye
And if on some sudden night I lost you
You'll always be a long time on my mind

So you wish you were something
Anything other than what you been
So it feels a little late to let love in
Well it's never too late to try
And I don't care what you done now
It doesn't matter it's done now
Long as this world still has you around
You can always make somebody smile

Nothing given matches what I owe you
So rare a joy to be held in your eye
And if on some sudden night I lost you
I'll always be a light of yours in mine

Lookout low, lookout tonight
Lookout low, lookout alright