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Lyrics to Looking To The Sky
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Looking to the skyChorus:I´m looking to the skyI´m looking to the skyI´m looking to the skyI´m looking to the skyCBK Sliking wih the gangsta leanI´m jonzin for the mic so call me Rap fiendI´m clean like an new coupesitting on chrome so eiher drop bomb Rapon take your pink ass back homecut shady Rap´s like a raggady carit ain´t up to par you can´t ride too farnow R.E.D. is droppin real as can beand I´m only lovin God and my block familyI´m comin off in the 9´ seriesSo sucka´s want to hear me thelayedbacktrack´s one time so they can fear me C.B.K.on the tone of another level I´m diggindeep in the dirt so I bring my shavelcause I´m settin then up as I kick my stuffin the cut I want my piece make themslide to the east as the pain deceaseMy pain is steady runnin thamemy brain while the Evils of this worldkeep callin out my nameNow I´m down on my kneesas a tear drops my eyefor the hommy´s who ain´t livinas I look to the skyChorusI´m C-Block N chin checkinfake nucka wreckin cus Reds ton topso picture me in that directionrollin foldin G´s now my pocketsswollen if the sun catch you creapinon my back door I´m holdinI´m handlin my bid-ness did my timenow I´m in this Rap game like a burnin Flamewon´t stop till I win thisyou can call me lucky dem bitchestried to buck me livin life on a wiretill the power struck meBreak it on down now as I funk shot upMr.P.strivin hard to make youshake your rump,Bust the mode wecheck down low we give control theHip Hop the Hop Hip´s the Hit´s and thesoul Yo!So check the flavor that I gotto release check the heat,Fro nthe beat´sthat come on the street,now you know that wecome from a distance, now we locked an nowwe coped and now we twistedRepeat

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