Lyrics to Look At Me
Look At Me Video:
He says "I am not romantic come give me a kiss".
She says "I'm the silent type. Come over here and sit in this",
I say that I am lost and I think you're a road to follow.
I say we're all inside ourselves so often these days,
and somehow we think we're the next best thing to heaven.
All so busy with our failures and all our glories.
Everybody's saying "Look at me! Look at me!"
Everybody's certain they've got something on one
else can see. Tears are falling, causes are
calling but everybody's saying "Yea, I know but look at me".
Psycho eyes and monster thighs, she preaches to for
The TV "Just give me some money and I swear I'll save
your soul. It's easy." You can read the good book
to feel bad about yourself. Just one small donation
could save you from burning down in hell. High and mighty yea!
Can't save the ocean but we sure can save a dime.
We may all look good but I think we're running out of time.
If we looked around as much as we look at ourselves.
Stop listening to gossip and start listening to cries for help.
Everybody's saying "Look at me ! Look at me !" Everybody's
certain they've got something no one else can see.
The earth is drying. Planets are dying. Everybody's saying,
"Yea, I know but look at me !"
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