Lyrics to Look! No G#'s
whatcha gonna do if you can't see the sun?
whatcha gonna do if you can't see no-one?
sitting alone in your home, waiting by the telephone,
you need someone to show you life, that's me.

whatcha gonna do if you think i'm the one?
'cos all these guessing games are no fun.
do you even know i exist? playing hard to get,
an extra twist - just 'cos i love you doesn't mean i'm a fool.

i'll take you to my island in the sun,
where we will be playin' and havin' so much fun,
then i'd get to know you, and then perhaps i'd show you,
how much you mean 'cos you're so beautiful.

begin to think that i'm the lucky one
ever since you arrived out of the sun,
with your addictive stare, and your flowing golden hair,
i just wanna hold you cos you're beautiful...
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