Lyrics to Long Way Home
Long Way Home Video:
She woke me up
With the radio playing
Some heartbroke song
I swear I used to know
She said, "ain't you tired
Of blaming fate
For this desperate line
That we've been hangin' on"
I said, "luck
Is such a funny little thing
Never comes around
As easy as it goes
And we're alright tonight
But it's a long way home"

I remember you
In your daddy's arms
Looking back at me
Through a crowd of hopeful souls
And now here we are
Two old and charmless fools
Fear and failure burnin' down the road
And there ain't much
Left of us
But the flesh and blood
That twists around our bones
That oughta be enough
But it's a long way home

There's an ancient storm
On the rise tonight
Gonna clear the sky
And strip the earth bare
'Til there's nothing left
But you and me
And whatever's waiting
In the darkness out there
It's a cold, hard ride
But, honey, it ain't easy
If you're out there
On your own
Stay by my side
'Cause it's a long way home
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