Lyrics to Long Gone
Long Gone Video:
I am heavy with blame i need to make an escape/I am torn from decisions that make me want to give in

(gone)you see me
(gone)you find me
(gone)you come along but im long gone


I am leaving the world today/
To find myself a way/
I can live on/
I'm leaving this place once and for all/

I looked up in the sky today/Sounds surround/I put my headphones down on the ground/I try to forget about the life I've lead/ The blanket of lies love family and friends/With the hopes to destroy everything/and move on my will/the world can't kill/I'm dodging everything the world has to throw/You better watch out 'cuz I'm packing overdose/I just gotta get away/from the stabbing images of a hurting yesterday/A sideshow of memories that I refuse to take with me/I'm leaving this world so no one stop me/I'm downshifting I've got it floored/Fast preformance furious action/Tachs at red line and I'm going overboard

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