Long Enough To Leave You Broken Lyrics

Forever I Rise

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Lyrics to Long Enough To Leave You Broken
Long Enough To Leave You Broken Video:
it wasnt forever
but it was long enough
while the sky slowly opned its bittersweet arms
you finally remember to remember just how
cities overturned and stars went out
all at point blank... lights and all
maybe thats what did it
culprits unmasked
all the wonder it can cause
all the theories proved meaningless
for what
nothing but a gentle intake
of oxygen and water
did you ever get the message
you may not find what you need
you may not be able to take it all in
or recall your brothers smile
best wishes
left unsigned under your door
it wasn't forever
far from it
but it was long enough
to leave you breathless
children and music
was enough to take hold
mountains and laughter
the burning red of your sunset
could have gone unnoticed
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