Lyrics to Lonesome Dreams
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I land on an island coast
where the only souls I see are ghosts
I run through a wooded isle
And I chase the sunlight mile after mile
And I feel like I know this place
As the tree line breaks into wide-open space
I stare at a bright red sun
Though I search all day, I never find anyone

I walk on a winding road
In the deep of the night, near the edge of the known
I pass by a moonlit lake
And a cold wind blows and my bones start to shake
And I feel I should know this place
As the road winds on into wide-open space
The wind plays a haunting tone
As I make my way through the night all alone

I been dreaming again of a lonesome world
Where I'm lost - and I've got no friends
Just the rocks and the trees in my lonesome dreams
And a road that don't never end
I been dreaming again of a lonesome world
Where I'm lost - and I'm on my own
Am I destined to be? It's a mystery baby
Just please don't leave me alone

I lie under star-lit sky
And the seasons change in the blink of an eye
I watch as the planets turn
As the old stars die and the young stars burn
But I don't really know this place,
And it's lonesome here in the wide-open space
Can it be as real as it seems?
Maybe next time I won't wake from the dream
Songwriters: SCHNEIDER, BEN
Publisher: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
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