Lyrics to Lonely World
Lonely World Video:
Such a lonely boy, couldn't find the joy within.
Such a lonely girl, such a lonely world we're living in.
I watch it all go by.
Can't find a tear to cry.
A tear to cry.

It's so obvious how they need each other.
They want and bleed and hurt but they keep it covered. Until it's one big lie. They can't stay alone cuz they fear goodbyes, well, they fear goodbyes. They fear goodbyes.

He don't say much, when there ain't much to say. She waits for his responce, she waits all day. The world keeps spinning in a silent scream and I keep waking in these dying dreams.

I asked her for the time, she said the timing was off. But I got this pain inside she said it's all you've got. I got this feeling that life is passing me by, I'm a couple of years late but I, I'm here tonight. I'm here tonight, well, I'm here tonight.


Such a lonely boy, such a lonely girl. It's such a lonely world

(Thanks to Julissa for these lyrics)
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