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Lyrics to Lonely Thoughts
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(feat. Chance The Rapper)

(Alright, alright, alright)
Penny for a beggar, beg to differ (alright)
It's just my lonely thoughts that sometimes get off with some liquor (alright)
So I don't drink so much no more at war wit my own picture
What you thought it was?
Cause I ain't perfect as the dove in scriptures (alright)
Tight as two sisters but my favorite color black (alright)
They say the color purple royal soil on my back (alright)
From the war that I been fighting just to make it off the map (alright)
I was waiting for the sun to set, they intrigued with the black (alright)
I guess the pitch is like my soul, worn out just like my' (alright)
I took the blue pill yesterday, the key to all my goals (alright)
Going over songs we like and songs we don't,
Don't wanna fall short as the gnomes and I have yet to visit Rome
24 inches how we used to dream of chrome
Last year my sister moved from New Orleans and she ain't need no loans
We light up like the scones when talking money trees
How you don't eat pork but smoke holy on tobacco weed?
I never breath, another breed'.
Check the rhyme! It's just my time to kill it like the purge this spring (alright)!
Yeah, deep as the valleys in the Philippines and up in Cali
They say this tape is like an album, threw one in the galaxy
See all for free, Magna Carta, I been part of
My independent ass motherfucker they couldn't water
Down look around the takeover dun took over,
See, we've been doing shit that you average rappers can't shoulder
So, what's next? I suspect your death!
Welcome to the game where we trained to never follow the refs
Lot of great players, but we better as a team
You learned that watching Miami and the spurs just this spring
Scary as the ring in the well on the scale
I weigh like the Bronson or Adele, I'm shell as full jacket metal
Madame I replicated the summer of Sam, damn
Kill at ran-damn (random) I'm like VanDam stuck in a damn
Damn, who is this killa?
With agility flow bend like that around'..
Got the skill of thriller, came from underground to get a mill or two
Everyday I've wrote, it seemed to wanna rain a few
I guess I'll reign for you, Philly to NY
Just to wet you up I'm tear ducts to a dry eye.
My mom what he told me, reciting Obi Kenobi, 'you'll be the death of me solely'
I told him showly, I agree I'm Ali, cross um like Doji
Sting like wasps I serve um losses they lowley
Call me young Achilles cause I snap on these like ' now
Back to talking bout my day it went smoothly
I woke up hella early, last night watched a movie
And compared it to my life like'. boobies,
The come up, like the sun up, when ya sun up mornings crying for juices
Adolescents, never stress 'em
Developed I bless 'em, denying thanks for the blessing
One of the best in the game
I still remain, outside still writing in the rain,
(In the rain) I reign!

Why don't you come home at night no more, no more? (alright)
Why can't you see past a thing, no more? (alright)

Yeah I see the gun but it's a '.
Yeah, the ball is in your court, but it's '.
They're saying Acid was an album, retail it
I said I got way too much soul for me to sell it!
That's why godfather tied the cape on my shoulders
Said, 'save 'em from false prophets and wolves in sheeps' clothing!'
I'm a little too hard to be slept on, I'm a little too sharp to be stepped on
A little too Pac for the septum!
I'm so pretty I make mirrors blush
I spit the shit in a party to make your ear adjust
I'm a ' parrot with a pair of crutches in a no fly zone
On the phone talking bout how Bush trying to disparage us
There's a metaphor if I expound
There's a better score in the next round
Me and raps go together like donuts and fresh ground
Coffee, I'm awfully softly spoken, in autumn, fall leaf '
My posters on dry wall and my banners are star spangled
My demons get charred, mangled, chancellor the Archangel
I don't pray for chart singles
I grab life by the ankle like '. and ask it if it's ticklish
Ask me if that's ridiculous!
I'm a meticulous fickle dude that just happens to spit a little bit
And you can tell I rapped this off my phone
Cause you can hear that ringtone in the background but I'm in the zone.
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