Lyrics to Lonely
I thought you was on my side
I thought you was gonna ride for me
I thought it was you and I
But something happened over time
You just started telling lies
Started treating me so different
That’s when I focused on the grind
That’s when a young’n started winning
You was out here tryna play me
I was playing my position
I shoulda saw a long time ago
You ain’t really had the vision
Now when you call I don’t pick up
I been getting to the business
I got my family counting on me
I’ma win regardless, God as my witness

Aye, yeah
Young man coming from the 973
I been out here for a minute dog
If you ain’t got it by now
You ain’t never gonna get it dog
Yeah, I done put a lotta people on
But I rarely get a thank you
Suckers get a little buzz
Start acting ungrateful
But I keep going
Cuz ain’t nobody finna hand this over
And this world is only getting colder
Got a whole lot that’s
Weighing on my shoulders
I remain real cuz the game phony
Cold at the top man that’s what they told me
And everybody ain’t gon make it with you
If I have to I’ll just do this by my lonely
If I have to I’ll just do this by my lonely
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