Lonely Lubbock Lights Lyrics

Aaron Watson

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Lyrics to Lonely Lubbock Lights
Lonely Lubbock Lights Video:
I was singing at the ol` Broken Spoke I could have swore she came walking in Forgot the words to a song that I wrote Must be losing my mind once again Her daddy is a southern Baptist preacher I had to choose her or the bars where I sang Now when I call I can`t seem to reach her I`m gonna find her if it`s the last thing Chorus: So I`ll drive all night long Till I find where we went wrong But there`s no love in sight - Just those lonely Lubbock lights I was ready to give up the road As I turned onto her street But the silhouette there in her window Was of someone who once looked like me I`d placed a price on her heart But someone else collected the bounty Now this lost soul don`t know where to start I think I`m lost somewhere in Hale County Chorus That west Texas wind grew colder As I left her further behind me Sometimes I stop and cry on the shoulder Cause every town I pass helps to remind me Chorus

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