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Lyrics to Lonely, Like A Satellite
Lonely, Like A Satellite Video:
album: If The Heavens Should Fall (2004)
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She sings to the stars
And smiles with her eyes
A fading glimpse
A trick of the light

She floats along
With breathless sighs
A lonely beacon in the night

But to you
She's just another satellite
A distant vision
Whose orbit has decayed
She closes her eyes
And she shuts out the light
She says
Everything looks better that way

Once or twice
Could never make her lose her place
But all her life
Could send her spinning off in space
Some may say
Its not the end
Of the human race
But to her
It feels the same

She floats alone
Across the sun
She drifts from day
Into night

She feels like
She's the only one
But she's one of billions in the night
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