Lyrics to London
London Video:
So Long Sweetness...

Now, Now the curtain falls without a trace left to hold

There's only time, Time to sleep, tob, to be alone

To break the spell In the heart of nights of lack of sleep to sustain yourself

To end all sighs Tearing hard from a transatlantic grip

From below ,London ,Far below, Faces are crying out.

Feel, now you know it's the season of the witch

It doesn't twitch The kinda wound that might of fooled the diggers ditch

You know it goes like this

Alarming, disarming not a face to bear

At a certain pitch

Tables turning faster harder Noise keeps pumping louder louder

It'll drip below London

More and more, mothers are crying hard.

So Long Sweetness... Take what you've chosen, look at what you've chosed
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