Lyrics to Lolita
Lolita Video:
You've wasted your life to pretend you are
and now your clothes are all rotted and falling off
well since then i've learned to walk on my pedestal
so now it's rockinghorse shoes just like novala
and you think all of us brand girls should be dismissed
but i say our way of life, it could not exist
without our patented ways to be elitist
and then the stylish types slay you with deafening shouts
so you go into the corner to cry it out
then you say it's such an honor to be cut up
but then it's into the shoulder like mishima
it's known that you wrap yourself in the expensive
hoping that something will seep in through osmosis
but your rejection of reality's pointless
and i still puzzle over why you won't withdraw
i swear that your strumpet stains had us all in awe
so now you're cheaper than when you first flared your flaws
but you still do it 'cause god loves a lolita
and so you spend all of your time as a spent princess
but all the frogs that you kiss are still frogs at best
and you can't corset or bind what you don't possess
well i am living it up since i cast you off
everything's baby the stars shine like fukada
and it's all superstar seamstress just like kana
and it's all punkuma and rabichang like meta
and it's all pink curls and panties just like aya
and it's all harajuku stalkers like kera
and it's all worldview enforcing just like mana

(Thanks to Auri for these lyrics)
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