Lyrics to Lolidus
Lolidus Video:
Close your eyes never get away

Once more, twice more
All behind the close door
Baby turn the lights out
Checking what you have in store
Lost in the world of material delight
The experience come together score a natural high

Bed sheets, wet sheets
All made out of sweet dreams
Fantasies come alive
Nothing is right
Seems the melody, serenity
There's gonna be, some ecstasy

Something's going down
It's gonna be something you will never believe
Relax hold your breath for the pleasure
Your about to receive

Close your eyes never get away

Next move, slow groove
I've got to see the bed through
Itchy flows, sickened walls
Flow in to the sweet tune
Close your eyes never get away

Paradise, heaven
Waiting out and they're feeling fine
Its virtual release
Souls combine
I'll find your inner peace
The energy, ability, divinity, although crazy
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