Loco De Amor (Salsa/Reggae) Lyrics

David Byrne

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Lyrics to Loco De Amor (Salsa/Reggae)
Loco De Amor (Salsa/Reggae) Video:
There's an island in a bay(Loco de amor)She's got most peculiar ways(Crazy for love)Otocumé yandéOtocumé yandéAll the people in the street(Loco de amor)Ev'rybody that I meet(Crazy for love)tOocumé yandéOtocumé yandéShaky house and shaky home(Loco de amor)So whatever turns you on(Crazy for love)My wild thingMy wild thingMy little wild thingYeah my wild thingYen yeré cumbéYen yeré cumbéLike a pizza in the rain(Loco de amor)No one want to take you homeBut I love you just the same / (Crazy for love)My wild thingHey hey my wild thingMy little wild thingHey hey my wild thingHey hey heyYen yeré cumbéYen yeré cumbé ...

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