Lyrics to Locks And Blinds
Locks And Blinds Video:
I've kept secrets
In the crevices of my apartment
You disregarded my every attempt
To prove everything evident
Instead of playing dead
For once in my life
Now, I shed time
Accommodating my whole life
With locks and blinds
The same view with a new light
That's not painted to cover up the occupants who bled here like I did
Who lived here like I did
Who died here like I did
Who left earth like I did
And who changed their
Perspective and clothes
For a place that no one knows
For a frame I named uncomfortable
Compared to angel wings and halos
Wasted time
Accommodating my whole life by
Pacing my
Apartment where we used to lie around;
In the brightest secluded
Space in this whole town
Where you never come around
No, you never come around
So, pay no attention to that man
Behind the curtain;
The great one has spoken
I just think it's time that you
Opened up your
Eyes and thought of another
Before yourself
It's time
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