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Lyrics to Lock, Step & Gone
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The ending isn't here somethin' wrong but it's comin' real soon I lock step'Im gone I said the feeling isn't fear there's something wrong it's justtelling you to move I lock step I'm gone a fire on the corner and it's nevergonna stop killer in the neighborhood never got caught I lock up my door stepout and I'm gone Waitin' for the buses but the buses won't come all the docksare quiet there's somethin' wrong and there's no ships comin' in I lock stepI'm gone where there once was a riot there's somethin' wrong there's a wholelot of nothin' lock step I'm gone the stop signs broken and the meters goin'down wild dogs are runnin' themselves into the ground everything was clear forthat moment in time if I don't come back well throw me a line well the docksare quiet something wrong and there's no ships comin' in I lock step I'm gonewhere there once was a riot There's a whole lot of nothin'......

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