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shed this wineskin, de-contain
break this strain
this chain of unchange
"i(we) see clearly now the reign is gone..."

six feet of bondage off my chest
power to resist, power to resist

what if this body
moved as a whole?
"let my people" get on the "go!"
contain the zeal-maintain the flow

plead inner-man to comprehend
love of the Christ surpassing knowledge
what is its width, length, height, and depth...?

oh my...passion...
tell me... if you
know any meaning
transcending this birth and death
(and the point of everything in between?

justify yourself (this hell)
i've heard each word that you've said,
and with all due respect..
save it

where were you when i was calling
when i was falling away?(2x)

worldly wisdom mocked-convenient second guess
get these shackles off-don't want them on again
you had your foot on my neck-He lifted up my head
separate, we are separate...
you have nothing to
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