Lyrics to LMGLML
And everybody keep asking what's the holdup holdup
Come on drop these records you could blow up up
Thinking damn this is how it feel to be grown up grown up
You can't get no lower
A nigga still down and out and still manage to keep it going
I remeber doing coke for the first time
And thinking to myself damn nigga you out of line
Till I looked up and noticed we running out of lines
Took a shot of goose and gave that shit another try momma I
Know I ain't been keeping you too satisfied
Tryna stay numb to it all, I swear I'm terrified
Of maybe losing it eyes, look in my daughter eyes
And keep pushing like I'm in labor until we multi all my
Life they been telling me I'm too qualified
To be the leader of this game hope I don't end biased
Decide to get my life in order like a drive-thru
Cause it can taken away as quickly as it was given to
Growing up they swore I'd be a pastor up in somebody church
Now what I say is bible niggas live by these verses
It's ironic growing up, thought I would marry a virgin
But thing's change like coinstar tell me who really worth it
I got a problem I got a problem
I got ways to make it happen but not many options
They say lately I been slackin' been to busy partying
But you can't find a nigga that go hard as him

[Hook: GoldLink]
And it's been time been sitting around getting faded
Vaporize a couple shots of patron without a chaser
Finally over you, just wanna tell that it's all ok
Even though a nigga really can't come close, I loved you still
But don't tell nobody I know you're watching
Let me go, let me go or let me live
Let me go or let me live, let me go or let me live shawty
Let me live
Or Let me go, let me go or let me live let me go or let me live shawty
But don't tell nobody I know you're

[Verse 2: Chaz French]
Momma said I missed out on love with Domonique
Shit, I plead the fifth
And I be telling Eddie sometimes I feel love missed out on me
Lord, ain't that a bitch
And niggas know on the low I be creeping on [?]
I need that I need that
It's not about where you at shawty but where you really wanna be
Believe that, believe that
Look, hands on my nuts nigga I'm wildin'
Lately I been getting back to the me that I'm proud of
Starting to talk less my actions are speaking louder
Recognizing the violence the price of being a father
When you ain't got yours it could break you or make you wiser
It's really all in the time and the effort you providing
Gotta do it death whenever that shit do or die
Wanna live the life I love but I'm lucky to be alive
Cause Courtney said I will never be shit
That day I pray she forever eat shit
Yeah I still forgive her and sometimes I think I miss her
But her man made her a misses and his children in the picture
[?] could've got it I regret it
I was so caught up in shit I couldn't accept
Somewhere along the line I hope it works out for the better
I swear they never get it, it hurts the most when it matters
But fuck it I got new bitches, all these new bitches on the low
If you knew bitches like I knew bitches you would know
Went to school with em' didn't fool with me know you know
So let me go or let me live, let me go or let me live shawty
Let me go or let me live momma

[Hook: GoldLink]
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