Lyrics to Living Dead
Living Dead Video:
reflections in the mirror
why now does the temptation creep in
again im stuck alone trying to stand
why can i not ever make myself a stronger man
and oh tell me how things always seem so far away
and nothing really matters now
and im so sick of you
the ideas in your head are good
but your heart, your heart's not true

wake the living dead up
you dont comprehend the things i see
wake your weary soul up
cuz you're slowly killing me
you're killin me

i lie alone in this world
lost somewhere between eternal things, yeah, and wicked dreams
but death is what i fear most
in a world so corrupt that in their sin men often boast
so whats to come of me
i guess th elast resort has no affect on my eternity
hangover at church, its all the same
but tell me how you're gonna act when you hear
when you hear your name
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